CamOne Infinity Records 1080p Video from the Palm of Your Hand 4

The smaller it is, the less features it’s going to have. That’s an assumption that most people make when it comes to laptops or digital cameras or video recorders. That’s also an assumption proven very wrong by the CamOne Infinity HD Video Camera by ACME. (And also by the Air Clicker Camera Concept, if ever it becomes a reality.)

The CamOne Infinity fits right into the palm of your hand and weighs a measly 88 grams, so there’s no doubt that it’s definitely light and literally handy.


The CamOne Infinity is a powerful device that can record 1080p videos. It also comes with two Micro SD card slots and interchangeable lenses. The press release reads:

The tiny unit distinguishes due to an integrated high resolution live Screen, Full HD recordings in 1080p and several other not yet seen features. Exchangeable lenses as well as digital video transmission for image control are available accessories. The miniature camera impresses with the materials used, like the aluminum housing and precise glass lenses in the optics field, as previously only known from bigger and therefore high-priced products.

No word yet on when it’s going to be released, but it’s said to be priced at $330.

Update Dec 17, 2011: Joerg Brinkmeyer has posted on the PhotoWeeklyOnline blog that the release date is set for mid February of 2012 with a retail price of $250.

BTW:  We’d be happy to do a product review 😉

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