CameraBag 2 Giveaway 10


This Giveaway is now over. For current giveaways check out the giveaway section of the blog.

Winner List

Congrats to the 5 winners.  I’ll be contacting you via Facebook.

TogTech has teamed up with Nevercenter and we’ve got 5 software licenses to give away for their very cool editing software, CamerBag2.

About CameraBag 2 (why you want it)

Think of CameraBag2 as Instagram on steroids for your Mac or PC.  The photo app offers real time editing of your images and ads cool and trendy effects to your photos.  The software also gives you traditional editing tools such as curves, exposure, contrast, saturation etc.  It’s not going to replace Photoshop, but it is a fun source of inspiration when editing family photos and a good introduction to image editing for someone who just wants cool photos without spending hours learning new software.  CameraBag2 is very intuitive.

For the impatient types, here’s a quick 40 second walk through of how the software works…

… and a 5 minute walk through for the patient types.

How To Win

I considered providing just one method to enter, thinking that would make it ‘simple’ . . . but simple would be providing you with whichever method you felt was easiest, so here goes — three ways to enter.  Pick whichever way you think is easiest or pick all three and get three chances to win.

Facebook Entry

Twitter Entry

TogTech Mailing List

When you’ve done your task, let us know in the comments below, that’s your entry.  Make sure to write a separate comment for each entry type you do.  If you’ve already followed / friended / subscribed from before, you’re job is even easier, just post a comment below.

Contest Rules

  • The contest will end next week on May 1 2012
  • Winners will be selected at random from the comments in this post and checks will be done to ensure the winners completed their tasks (followed, liked .. etc)
  • The winner will be announced in this post
  • Maximum of 3 entries per person (1 per method)
  • The contest is open to anyone.
  • The winners will be given an unlock key for the software which they can download directly from Nevercenter.

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