CameraBag 2 Now Available for Mac & Windows 1

Adobe Photoshop is unquestionably the industry standard when it comes to image manipulation. Unfortunately due to its high price tag ($699.99 for the base version) it’s not available to everyone. Luckily there are high powered alternatives including GIMP which are available free of charge but perhaps you’re one who prefers to pay for  their software.

If you meet this criteria, you’ll want to check out CameraBag 2 which was just recently released for Windows and Mac OS X. To be fair, this software is no where near as powerful as Photoshop but it will allow you to quickly and easily apply filters and touch up various aspects of your photographs. On a side note, there’s also a version of CameraBag for Apple’s iOS platform which is quite popular so if you’ve used that you should be familiar with the desktop version.

In terms of changes included in CameraBag 2 over the original, it seems that the developers have completely revamped the user interface making it easy to access the most used tools. Best of all, the software is being offered for just $25 which, in a pinch, may do the job quite well. Just think of Instagram on steroids – lots of them.