Camera Shop Charges Customers $30 So They Can Try Out Some Cameras 0

The times are changing. Instead of going to real stores, people are finding it more convenient to just ring up their purchases online. But the great disadvantage? Well, you can’t exactly try out the merchandise before buying it, right?

In some cases, that’s fine. If you’re shopping for some groceries or buying stuff that you’ve been using for years, then it’s really no big. But when it comes to stuff like cameras, then that’s an entirely different story. You can look up the camera’s specs, read reviews like this one, view video tutorials that show the camera off–but you still won’t really know what it’s like until you’ve tried it.

So what some people have done instead is look up what they want online, go to their local camera store to try the camera out, and then purchase it online if they liked it.

This is probably what has happened to Camera House Caringbah owner Craig Mackenzie that he now charges as $30 “explanation fee” to customers to try out his high-end cameras. Mackenzie says: “I’ve got to pick the people who won’t screw me over. If I pick the wrong one, he’ll waste half an hour of my time and will then ask me to write it all down.”

And you know what? He sort of has a point.

[PetaPixel via The Daily Telegraph]

Image Credits: Camera Store by Helga’s Lobster Stew