Camera MX for Android Comes With Live Filters and Editing Capabilities 0

I know a lot of Android smartphone users were disappointed when Photoshop Touch was released, as it was only meant to be used on Android-powered tablets.  Although there were similar apps available in the Android Market, there seems to be a shortage of really good photo-editing apps that let you do more with your images.

And then came the Camera MX by developer MAGIX AG.

Camera MX

Camera MX is touted as the first Android camera app that comes with live filters and editing features. The app includes fifteen image effects that you can use to manipulate your photos, such as Lomo, Sepia, Pop Art, negative, Orton, Pencil Sketch, and Kaleidoscope. You can choose to apply the filters onto existing images in your camera’s gallery or onto newly-snapped photographs.

After you do your edits, you can opt to share your images by having the app post them to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed. You can also email your photos or save upload them to your MAGIX Online Album, in case you’ve already signed up for one.

Here’s some more features of the Camera MX app, which is available for free from the Android Market:

  • Self-timer functionality
  • Image optimization (Auto-optimizer, brightness, contrast, saturation, cropping, rotating, white balance)
  • Convenient overview screens of your images and image folders
  • Works with all flash modes available on your device
  • Front camera supported
  • Quickstart: get your camera ready with one touch on the start screen