Camera Lost or Stolen? CameraTrace Can Help You Track It Down 0

There are many ways to lose your camera. It could slip from your grip, fall to the ground, and break into an irreparable mess. You could be out shooting a scene on the beach when the waves just start rolling in, making you lose $2,400 in as little as 24 seconds. Or someone could have stolen your camera, with plans of selling it for cheap to some secondhand store or on some online stores or auction sites. Either that, or they’re going to be using it themselves to take some awesome shots with your awesome shooter.

Well, whatever the thief chooses to do, don’t fret because there’s still hope for you to recover it with CameraTrace.


CameraTrace is a service that can help you recover your lost or stolen camera by searching and monitoring the internet for photos that have been shot with your camera. It does this by searching for your camera’s serial number in photos that have been uploaded on the Internet. Whenever the service finds a match, CameraTrace will send you an email notification. Aside from that, you will also get a lost and found tag to stick on your shooter so you can get it back, if you ever happen to lose it.

You can sign up to get the service for $10 per camera. Doesn’t sound like a very bad deal, if you think about it.

[TechCrunch via Peta Pixel]