Camera Cooler Lets You Carry Your Camera Like a Grownup 0

As photographers, it’s part of the job (or hobby) to travel. It’s essential to find a good camera bag, like Think Tank’s travel-ready camera bags, that lets you carry all your gear comfortably while you’re jet-setting all over the globe. If you’re one to take photos on the sly, then maybe you’ll be more privy to the clever Cloak Camera Bag.

But if you’re aiming for a more discrete-looking bag, then the Camera Cooler should already be on your radar. There are times that you might have to take your DSLR to shady areas that aren’t known for their low crime rates or absence of snatchers, so these bags will definitely keep your profile low. They look like typical cooler bags that people use to carry their lunches around, and I doubt anyone would be interested in pilfering this bag off of you, especially since they have no idea what’s really inside.

Aside from the low-key design, the Camera Cooler is extremely functional. It’s spacey and has enough room to carry your camera, lenses, and other accessories that you might need while you’re out shooting.

Camera Cooler

The cool thing is, you can really use the bag to actually store your lunch. This wouldn’t be something I’d personally do, though, given the fact that things might spill over and ruin your gear in the process. But if everything’s packed in air-tight containers, then why not?

The side pockets fit an iPhone and an iPad perfectly and the 3 way strap system ensures you can ride a bike or a skateboard without it flopping all over the place. When you feel like partying, take the padded insert out and it’s a perfect soft sided cooler sized to hold a six pack or your lunch along with some blue icy packs you can get at any grocery store.

Note, however, that the bag isn’t waterproof, so be careful with your spillable stuff.

The Camera Cooler comes in black and orange, and stands at 11 by 6 by 7 inches. It’s pretty decently priced too, as you can get it for $50 online.

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