Camera Awesome Update Lets You Share Photos on Instagram 0

Remember Camera Awesome, the app that promised to instantly “awesomize” the images that you took with your iPhone? If you don’t, then here’s a quick refresher: Camera Awesome is an app by SmugMug that lets users apply pre-sets, filters, and effects with a few taps. It also performs auto-corrections with one quick tap via the “awesomize” function.

An update to the iOS app now brings one added feature that its many users will surely welcome: the option to instantly upload images to image-sharing network Instagram. This makes Camera Awesome the second camera app to have direct upload permissions to Instagram after Hipstamatic.

Camera Awesome

The Camera Awesome update also offers a series of tweaks and options to purchase add-on filters priced at a total of $9.99. You only need to pay the balance amount if you already purchased some extra filters previously.

Camera Awesome has recorded over 4 million downloads since it was released, and was named the #1 camera app in over 55 countries. Now that’s impressive. Here’s a quick rundown of the features and improvements that SmugMug made to their winning app:

  • Better bundling: $9.99 for all effects, forever and ever. If you’ve already bought a few effects, they’ll do the right thing and only bill you the difference.
  • Getting started guide: In-app help shows you how to post, edit and share.
  • Pinch to zoom: Easier, intuitive zoom.
  • White Balance lock: Stick to one white balance in tricky light.
  • Smoother timer: Drag to set the self-timer.

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