C-Plate: The Camera Plate With True Anti-Twist For Sling Strap, Holster 0

The C-Plate is another camera-related Kickstarter project that’s started by Custom Brackets, a Cleveland-based family business founded in 1999 by professional photographers.

The new plate was born out of the need in finding a strong and lightweight camera plate that will work on any DSLR camera, allowing users to have the same plate even when upgrading to a new shooter.

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The major benefit that you’ll get in using the C-Plate is probably from its anti-twist technology. After studying other plates in the market, the Custom Brackets team found out that other popular camera plates doesn’t have a true camera anti-twist.

“You can trust our plate with your camera. The main reason why the camera screw loosens over time is because of the camera twisting. Our plates use specially designed camera anti-twist arms. Once your camera is attached, the arms prevent the camera from twisting. This feature sets us apart from other plates, giving you peace-of-mind.”


If you like to try the C-Plate, you can pledge at least $40 to back the project and get your plate by early next year.

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