Build Your Own Motion Controlled Motorized Dolly 0

If you’ve been following TogTech for any amount of time, you’ll know that we frequently cover new and innovative projects listed on Kickstarter. For those of you who aren’t aware of what Kickstarter is, it’s a website where innovators post their ideas in hopes that community funding will bring them to fruition. This, in theory, eliminates the need for venture capital and instead puts a product’s fate in the hands of its supporters

While many of these projects are highly useful, innovative, and downright cool, hardcore DIYers will probably roll their eyes every time a new, not-so-sophisticated idea rolls around. Luckily, there are other outlets catering to this bunch that show off similar quality projects that you can actually make at home. Such a project recently surfaced on Vimeo courtesy of user Stavros Koulis who shows you how to make our own motorized dolly.

To be fair, you’re probably not going to be building this out of average household items — as the project does call for things like an Arduino based Mini E motion controller and a Nema 17 sized 12 volt stepper motor — but luckily, pretty much everything on the necessary materials list is reasonably priced, making this project highly useful and affordable. So, for only a few swipes of your handy dandy credit card and some hard work you could make your very own motorized camera dolly that’s ready and willing to do your camera carrying bidding.

If this is something that interests you then roll up your sleeves, grab your materials, and check out the instructional video below. Extra credit for showing off your work in the comments below.

[Vimeo 42920077]