BTC: How An Awesome Steadicam Shot Was Taken on Hugo (Video) 0

We all know that camera rigs, like those that help us stabilize our shots, are a vital gear in photography. Without them, we could be watching movies that contained shaky scenes — unless, of course, if you’re watching a movie about earthquakes.

However, the credit does not only go to the camera rig, but also to the skilled cameraman using the gear. And last year’s Hugo movie is testament to this.

Watch the behind-the-scenes (shown below) of the movie on how a particular ending scene of the movie was taken using a very long steadicam shot. And we all know, as a fact, that movie scenes are not only shot in one take, that’s why we could just imagine the hard work the cameraman has to put out — to the point that you could hear the guy winded at the end of the video.