Breaking iNews: Now You Can Take Hipstamatic Shots and Upload Directly to Instagram 0

Most people nowadays can’t live without their iPhones. Not only because they constantly use it to send text messages to their friends, but also because some find the need to update their social networks constantly with little tidbits about their day and life – usually through photos.

This has been made easier and more convenient with apps like Hipstamatic and services like Instagram. (As a side note, the Instagram sign-up page for Android users is now up!) Now phonetographers will be pleased to hear that the makers of both apps have reached an agreement to allow the seamless integration of their apps in order to make taking shots and then sharing them more hassle-free.

Instagram + Hipastamatic

This will make Hipstamatic the first app to offer its users the option to post their images directly onto Instagram’s photo-sharing network. With this tie-up, Hipastamatic users don’t need to go through a lengthy process that includes cropping the images and hashtagging out which filters and effects were used before uploading to Instagram.

Photos taken with Hipstamatic will be distinguished by a “Taken with Hipstamatic” tag, which will include a link to the app below the photo when it’s displayed on Instagram.

More integrations between Instagram and other camera apps might soon follow this one, which we can all surmise from what Instagram’s CEO and cofounder, Kevin Systrom, said: “I’d imagine if the experiment takes off that you’d likely see more API clients being allowed to do the same in the future.”

[Gotta Be Mobile]