Bracelets Made From Vintage Camera Lens Are For Photogs Who Love To Wear Their Craft 0

Okay, we’ve already got the camera lens chair, the camera lens humidifier, and the camera lens lamp. And now we’re adding yet another camera lens-related item: the Vintage Camera Lens bracelets made by Stefaan duPont over at SDPNT. Unlike those first three products, the jewelries are really made from real camera lenses. What makes them more unique is that each item are one of a kind, no duplicates. Prices for each bracelets range from $225 to $290. At the time of writing, there’s only one left, the $250 Lens Bracelet #0006.

vintage-camera-lens-bracelet vintage-camera-lens-bracelet-1

[SDPNT via This Is Colossal]