Bouncing Rubber Ball Camera May Soon Help Ease Police And Rescuers’ Jobs 0

The bouncing rubber ball camera from Bounce Imaging is another unique camera that is specifically made to help our police officers, soldiers, firefighters, and rescuers in making their tasks much easier.

The baseball-shaped camera, which is very similar to the Panoramic Ball Camera, is designed to be throwable and small enough to get into hazardous places like beneath the rubble of a collapsed building. The device can then wirelessly send a 360-degree panoramic view of the area to a smartphone or tablet.

A panoramic view of the bouncing ball camera.

“The idea behind this is, we get it to a point where if you toss it into a room and it’s dangerous to go get it, the unit is essentially disposable,” said Francisco Aguilar, one of the founders of Bounce Imaging.

The bouncing camera features six wide-angle cameras with infrared LED flash; a special casing that makes it bounce and at the same time protects the components inside; capability of snapping photos every second; an accelerometer and gyroscope for the proper orientation of the images; and will only weigh half a pound to a pound including the battery.

Bounce Imaging is also going to include different sensors depending on its users. For instance, firefighters will have the option of getting a smoke or temperature sensors with their rubber ball camera.

The company is expected to have their first test of the device by January of next year. Once available, one device could cost less than $500 initially.

“But we hope that with our technology, it could be expanded to volunteers with low-cost units that could be tossed into air pockets and collapsed spaces in search of victims,” Aguilar stated.

Some police departments and SWAT units are already interested in deploying several prototypes of the bouncing ball camera.

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