BosStrap Announces New Line of Sliding Sling Straps 0

Whether you’re loyal or not to BosStrap’s line of camera straps and accessories, you’ll be pleased to hear that they’ve expanded their line of Sliding Sling Straps by adding two new straps to the lineup: Light Weight versions of the straps and a unique Ultra Light Hand Band.

The LT line is meant for use with digital and video cameras that weigh up to 3 pounds, differing from the standard line of BosStrap’s straps by its narrower width and slimmer look. The LT line includes the BosStrap LT One Piece strap, which remains attached to your camera, and the Generation 3 style that is detachable from your camera.

BosStrap Sliding Sling Straps

On the other hand, the Ultra Light BosStrap Hand Band latches onto the right side strap lug on your camera, so it doesn’t entangle with the operation BosStrap Sling Strap.

A sliding sling strap is more than just a strap worn diagonally across your body to take the camera weight off your neck. Sliding sling straps use a special fitting that moves along the diagonal strap, not requiring the strap itself to move.

Both new LT BosStraps use a 1” wide smooth nylon strap with a custom 1” nickel plated slider. The BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling System including one G3 Tail is $46.95. The BosStrap One Piece LT retails for $38.95. Extra G3 Tails/Ultra Light Hand Bands are available separately at $11.95.

Both straps will be made available in retail stores starting this July. Now you can carry your camera like a boss, with BosStrap. (I’ve always wanted to say that.)

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