Blow Ionized Air To Your Camera Sensor To Remove Dust 0

Dust is probably the worst enemy of a DSLR camera sensor. Fortunately, you can combat it with protective gears like BRNO’s Dri+Cap System or the Dust Donut. But if dust finally breaks your first line of defense and penetrates your camera’s sensor, then it’s time to bring out the artillery: the FireFly.


The FireFly is a handy air blower that blows ionized air to neutralize static charge, which is the one causing dust to stick on the sensor. According the its maker, NRD, this method efficiently flushes out dust from the camera. The cleaning device is used together with a traditional air bulb and a nozzle.


Before you can get rid of dust by pumping air into the sensor for around 12-15 seconds, you need to make sure that the camera’s lens are removed, battery is fully charged, and mirror is up and locked.


For safety purposes, you need to watch the video (shown below) on how to properly use the FireFly.

You can grab the FireFly DSC-2000 for $130, complete with a Giottos Air Bulb.