BlackRapid Wants You To Love Your Neck With Curve Camera Strap 0

When buying a new DSLR camera, the box usually comes packed with its own branded camera strap. While others may like the idea of showing off or advertising those big logos of Nikon or Canon, some people may prefer to ditch it with something more comfortable for their necks.

If you’re one of those people looking for an alternative and ergonomic strap, BlackRapid is introducing their new Curve Camera Strap. It features a padded strap with clips where you can attach your camera when not in use. And yes, they’re the same company who brought you those handy LensBling rear lens covers.

At the Photokina 2012 event, Jim Fisher of PCMag had the luxury of trying out the Curve Camera Strap. Here’s what he had to say:

BlackRapid let me try out its Curve strap to cover the show today, and I walked away impressed. I had no trouble fitting it across my body. Rather than connecting through the strap lugs on the sides of a camera, it simply screws into the tripod mount and attaches via a carabiner.

It’s padded and comfortable, and not once did I worry that my D600 would fall to the ground. There are clips on the strap to lock your camera in place when not in use if desired, but I didn’t find them necessary. Bringing the camera up to shoot was a thing of beauty, it slides along the strap, which remains in a fixed position, and slides right back down to hang at your side via gravity after you’ve taken your shot.

If you’d like to reward your neck for all its hard work of carrying your heavy cameras in all these years, the BlackRapid Curve Camera Strap is available for around $60.