Bike & Shoot 0

All awesome inventions have things follow them. Some are cheap knock-offs, some are product mimickers, and some are a great variation or adaptation of it. The Feisol bike mount is the latter. The Feisol bike mount allows you to mount your camera on your bike and lets you capture images from the point of view of your bike’s handlebars. This genius camera-mounting tool probably reminds you of the awesome ION Air Pro HD. While I am not sure which one arrived on the scene first, that is beside the point because both are great inventions and are different: one is intended for video, and one is intended for photo. However, you could use this for both stills and video especially if your camera does both like the Canon 7D or 5DmkII. For the most flexibility, you will need to install a ball head directly to the Feisol to get the camera up above the handle bars which  also allows more variability in your composition.

The bike mount comes in 2 different size options in regard to your bike’s handlebar diameter (25.4mm or 31.8mm) and both sizes are nicely priced at $39.00. The mount is universal, meaning you could mount any of kind of camera on it – a DSLR, point & shoot, video camera,  your iPhone (provided that you have an adapter that allows for it to be mounted on a tripod head) or a tripod ball head. For the avid biker, or for the photographer who always looks for a different angle experiment, this could be a pretty nifty toy to have. Just shoot safely!