Big Hole Camera: The Future Of Point-And-Shoot Cameras? 3

What do you think would happen to regular digital cameras once smartphone cameras become more sophisticated? It’ll become smaller and less digital, with a big hole in the center. Well, that’s just according to Conran, a design firm that’s been challenged to re-imagined a digital camera by BBC Future.

Dubbed as the Conran camera, the mini concept shooter features a large hole in the middle that contains an array of small camera sensors. It doesn’t come with the usual protruding lens and drops the now standard LCD display monitor. And if you’re looking for at least one familiar modern tech feature in this camera, that would be the wireless connectivity.


If you’re wondering how users can view the photos taken by the camera, then you’re in for a surprise, literally. Because you’ll have to do that when you get home.

“We love the idea of not viewing your images right away. It brings back some of the excitement of taking your film to the lab, and having to wait to find out what’s on it,” said Jared Mankelow, Conran’s Senior Product Designer.

Or if you’re impatient, just use your smartphone to view images right away via Bluetooth.


To fully understand the whole concept, watch the video below as Mankelow explains in detail:

The question now is, would you want one if ever it becomes a real product?