Behind the Scenes Video Reveals the PocketWizard Plus III 0

Continuing the recent series of leaks we’ve seen like the Nikon D800 and Canon PowerShot G1X is this leak of the yet-to-be-released PocketWizard Plus III.

PocketWizard Plus III

The newest version of the wireless flash trigger was seen in a behind the scenes video. However, the video has since been taken down when Lighting Rumors posted about it on various social networking sites:

“The PocketWizard Plus III is shown triggering Broncolor brand packs. It has no hotshoe, which implies it is a manual trigger and not part of the ControlTL series. The device looks like a compact version of the MultiMax, but with LCD and controls on the left hand side (as if it were mounted sideways) and no pointy aerial. It has an upright profile vaguely similar to the PocketWizard Plus and Plus II, suggesting it takes two AA batteries.”

[Photo Rumors]