Beastgrip Universal Lens Adapter Turns Your Smartphone Into A … Beast 0

Smartphones are now preferred by a lot of people nowadays as the camera of choice when it comes to taking photos because the gadget is lightweight and convenient. But a recent Kickstarter project called Beastgrip wants to bulk up the petite mobile phones.

Made by Chicago-based photo enthusiast Vadym Chalenko, the Beastgrip is basically a lens adapter and rig system for smartphones that’s designed to make your phone look like a … wait for it … full-pledged digital camera.


The Beastgrip is compatible with most smartphones and can be attached to any conversion lenses and filters. It also comes with five standard 1/4″-20 threaded mounts that allow you to put it on a tripod, slider, stabilizer, etc.


If you dig this kind of gear for your phone, you can help the Beastgrip project by funding it on Kickstarter. And if not, just go grab Sony’s smartphone lens camera.

[Kickstarter via Fstoppers]