Back this Kickstarter Project to Find Out What A Day with the Homeless is Like 0

At any given moment and given a chance to, most people would have something to complain about. Their coffee’s too cold, their salary’s too low, their house is too small, their ears are too big–and the list goes on.

What those complainers don’t realize is that there’s a whole other side to life: the side that’s all about happiness, contentment, and the goodness that exists within each human being. But who can blame, them, really, when we live in a world that is, at times, cold and callous?

For times like these and perhaps to serve as a reminder of how fortunate most of us are, Corey Wheeler has launched his Kickstarter project that aims to show what a day with the homeless is like.

A Day with the Homeless

Corey plans to do that by tracking down over thirty-five willing (and homeless) participants and equipping each of them with a disposable camera, which they will then use to capture images of what their day and life is like. He will then treat each participant to breakfast while telling them all about the project, and make plans when he will be collecting the cameras back.

Some may doubt the ability of a homeless man/woman to pull through for such a project; but I completely disagree. Offering an incentive will ignite their joy in capturing the purity of their daily experiences, and to return with a completed, quality roll, too.

— Corey Wheeler

Once the cameras are back in Corey’s possession, he plans to create a large format copy to display all of the captured images in the art community located in Detroit. Now how about that?

A minimum pledge of $25 will get you a thank-you card in the mail as well as a digital copy of the final print sent to you by email. Check out Corey’s project page on Kickstarter for more information, if you’re interested.