Babies, Begone: Removes Babies from Your Timeline 0

First-time parents just can’t seem to get enough of their babies. And it’s understandable. After all, they’ve waited nine long months (or even longer for those who weren’t able to start a family right away!), just to see their little bundle of joy.

Every moment is precious, and every moment is special. If you can’t afford someone like Anne Gedes, then buy a camera and start shooting yourself, because¬†in this day and age, it’s getting easier to capture the memories as they occur.¬†That’s great news for the parents–but not-so-great news for their friends, family, and contacts who have to look at post after post filled with photos of their babies looking the same in most of them.

Now it would be impolite to ask them to stop sharing pictures of their babies. It would be asking for a fight if you unfriended them because of it. The solution?


It’s an extension for Google chrome that replaces all of the baby pictures on your Facebook timeline with awesome stuff, like cats, fast cars, cute puppies, and abstract works of art. Just download Chrome if you don’t have it yet, install the extension, restart your browser, and you’re all set. The next time you head on over to Facebook, you’ll be facing kittens and yummy artwork instead of the usual baby bombs you’re greeted with.

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