Awesomize Your Shots with the Camera Awesome App for iOS 0

Let’s get real here, most of the people who use their iPhones to take pictures plan on sharing them through social media. And, at least in my opinion, the quality of the shots is usually decent – although not good enough for printing out or other keepsake purposes.

Catering to those who do use the iPhone camera extensively is the Camera Awesome app, which lets you “awesomize” your shots and instantly share them with your networks with a quick tap.

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome is an app that was recently launched by SmugMug which lets you apply a number of pre-sets, filters, and effects; all with a few quick taps. The coolest feature of the app is Awesomize, which lets you instantly correct images to make them look “awesome.”

Here are more features of the app:

  • Easy-to-use app interface
  • One-tap focus and exposure settings
  • 1-Tap and 0-Tap sharing
  • Special effects that include textures, filters, and frames
  • Pre-recording that captures footage five seconds before the “record” button is tapped

You can download the app for free from the iTunes App Store.

[Peta Pixel]