Aviator Travel Jib: The Camera Crane on the Go 0

There’s another up and coming camera accessory making waves in the Kickstarter arena, and it’s called the Aviator Travel Jib. The project was started by Zeke Kamm of Nice Industries as a super lightweight, compact camera crane used to shoot cinematic and breathtaking footage wherever you may be.

Setting up the Aviator Travel Jib takes less than a minute, it can extend from 24-inches all the way up to 6 feet and weighs only 3 ¾ pounds. Oh, and get this: the mobile crane can support cameras weighing up to 6 pounds.

The Aviator Travel Jib comes equipped with a ballast bag, fluid pan base, bubble levels, deluxe padded bag, monitor and accessory mounting ports, and mounting hardware.

If you want to impress you next client, you can get the Aviator Travel Jib by pledging at least $399 for the complete travel kit.

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