Augmented Reality Glasses: Google’s Vision of the Future 0

Point-and-shoot photography is a thing of the past — and if you don’t believe me just wait a year. Having worked photography retail I can say without hesitation that selling a point-and-shoot camera has become almost impossible. With phoneotography being what it is — not to mention some of the cool gadgets for smartphones now in the works — it’s easy to see why someone with an 8 megapixel camera attached to their phone would have no desire to carry around another, and one that can’t make even make calls.

Until today, it was hard to imagine any product taking the place of the phone where consumer, point-and-shoot photography is concerned — like I said, until today.

Today Google, as they are prone to do, opened my eyes to what is possible in the future of photography, and technology in general, when I stumbled upon their concept for “augmented reality glasses.” It’s easy to take out your phone and snap a picture, but it’s a lot easier to take and share photos using just your voice and a pair of snazzy glasses.

The project, which Google is referring to as “Project Glass,” is the massive company’s attempt to create a “wearable computer,” which allows you to interact with your environment using just your eyes, voice, and the extremely expensive piece of chic equipment on your head:

There’s no indication yet as to when the company may have a working prototype out, but the concept that the pretty blonde lady is wearing is certainly no eye-sore (pun intended). The whole reason they’re sharing it this early on is to get your input on the matter, so be sure to head over to their website¬†and share your opinion if you would like a hand in shaping the future.

I’ll be honest, even though I can hardly begin to fathom the price of such an incredibly small, and yet advanced, piece of machinery; I will be sorely temped to find a way to buy them once they come out. . . I mean, who needs two kidneys anyhow?

[Project Glass via PetaPixel]