Astrophotography Made Affordable By Nightscape 8300 CCD Camera 0

If you want to take photos of the galaxies, you really don’t need to have something like a 570 megapixel camera at your disposal. Unless, of course, if your part of the scientific group in charge of documenting the entire universe.┬áBut if you’re only doing it as a hobby, Celestron might have something for you: the Nightscape 8300 CCD camera.

Marketed by Celestron as the “most affordable feature-rich KAF-8300 camera on the market,” the Nightscape 8300 features a 22.5mm diagonal CCD chip that provides an 8.3MP resolution; a regulated thermoelectric cooling system; and a compact 4-inch diameter design. It also includes an AstroFX software, which guides users in taking astrophotos from start to finish.

The Nightscape 8300 CCD camera has price tag of $1700. The price is a little bit higher compared to the $1500 Canon EOS 60Da, which is a camera also designed for astronomy enthusiasts.

However, Mario Aguilar of Gizmodo said, “Yes there are other cameras that are maybe a tad cheaper, but none with these guts. It’s a small price to pay for putting the universe at arm’s reach.”

Here’s a sample photo of what you’ll get with the Nightscape 8300:

[Celestron via Gizmodo]