Armed Your Smartphone Camera With iblazr Mobile Phone Flash 0

Are your night photos taken by your beloved smartphone camera darker than you’d like? Well, equipped it with some powerful LED lights courtesy of iblazr, a mobile flash for your iPhone or Android phone. Marketed by its makers as the first universal LED flash for mobile phones and tablets, iblazr is a portable device that comes with a 3.5 mm connector, and can be used for both front and rear cameras. It features four LEDs capable of emitting 100 lux (video mode) and 180 lux (flash mode) on 1m, which are more powerful than your phone’s built-in flash. The iblazr run on its own rechargeable battery, so you can save your phone’s limited energy. And the accompanying iOS and Android app will help you control the iblazr lights according to your taste. Pricing and release date are not shown on their official site.

Iblazr-mobile-phone-flash Iblazr-mobile-phone-flash-iphone

[iblazr via Mashable]