Apple’s First Mouse Creator Ideo Creates iPhone Video App Spark Camera 0

Aside from creating fun iPhone apps for kids, Ideo has been known in the tech world as the guys who made the first Apple computer mouse. The Toy Lab, which is a branch inside Ideo that makes apps for children, has announced that they’ve finally released the “first app we’ve built purposely for adults.”


Video apps are already crowding the app market, but Ideo stated that theirs is a bit different:

“Our goal with Spark Camera was to develop an iPhone app that would make it fun and easy to create high-quality, high-impact, sharable videos,” said Ideo Toy Lab.

“Throughout the development process, we took our inspiration from iPhone users. Our observations of their habits and preferences led to several key insights, which we addressed in Spark Camera’s final design.”


Of course, you’ll find the now standard features like filters, music, and social media sharing. But rather than having to make a long sequence of videos, Spark Camera allows users to edit various scenes together.


If you’d like to give Spark Camera a spin, you can get it at the App Store for $1.99.