Apple iCam Concept Turns The iPhone 5 Into A Legit Camera 1

So this year came and went without the announcement of the iPhone 5. A lot of people were initially disappointed when only the iPhone 4S was unveiled, but pre-orders for the device still skyrocketed once it was made available.

We’re fast approaching 2012. With the new year comes more opportunities, more chances to get things done right, and more new gadgets. Who knows? Maybe the iPhone 5 will finally be released next year. But until then, speculation is rife and you can expect rumors about the device to spread like wildfire every time Apple has a press event.


Then there are also the concept products and mock-ups that designers and other creative minds put up, of the device and in relation to it. This one, in particular, is the Apple iCam Concept by ADR Studio. ADR was also the one who came up with the iWatch concept, which eventually became a reality with Apple’s sixth generation iPod Nano.


The Apple iCam is a photographic device that works with the future iPhone 5. It has slot where the smartphone is to be inserted, where the user can take awesome 10.1-megapixel photos. Aside from that, the iCam will have an aluminum unibody, integrated LED flash, and a motion sensor.

Some more features of the concept are the following:

  • Interchangeable Apple-Lens Lenses, with iMount mounting system;
  • Front touch screen for self-portraits and for micro-app;
  • Front pico-projector;
  • SD UHS-i slot;
  • ISO range from 100 to 3200 (extendable up to 6400 equivalent)
  • Full HD at 60fps.

Sounds pretty amazing, eh? We can only hope.

[ADR Studio via The Awesomer]