Ansel Adams PBS Documentary – An Inspiring Look at an Incredible Photographer 2

Ansel Adams is what might be considered the ultimate American photographer; and if not that, then he certainly is the best known. Even the photographically illiterate know the name, own a portrait, or have stared awe-inspired at his black-and-white work in Yosemite National Park. If you walk into an American home chances are you’ll find a book of his work, or a calendar that boasts some of his most inspiring photographs; and the Zone System he developed with Fred Archer changed photography all together.

While here at TogTech we tend to focus primarily on current advancements in the world of photography – ranging from creative new projects to impressive DSLRs that will cost you upwards of 6,000USD – on occasion it’s a good exercise to look back at the work of pioneers.

So if you’re a photographer, professional or amateur, take some time to watch this PBS documentary covering the life and passion of one of the greatest photographers to ever tote a camera bag, and draw some inspiration free of charge.