Another Photoshop CS6 Sneak Peek Highlights Settings Migration Feature 0

Since Adobe CS5 Extended Student/Teacher is going for such an amazing discount right now, I suppose I should have expected the people over at Adobe to give us another sneak peek video as a way of taunting us with the newer, shinier CS6.

On that note, Adobe put up a video today narrated by Photoshop Product Manager Stephen Nielson, and featuring a new Settings Migration feature they’re working on that should make transitioning from CS4 or 5 much easier.

New Migration Feature

Besides this feature – which, if it’s not already obvious, migrates your settings for you – Mr. Nielson also mentions several “JDI’s” or “Just Do Its” that the engineers of CS6 have been hard at work on. These JDI’s come from suggestions you yourself can submit on their site, and consist of things like easier shortcuts for duplicating layers and layer groups, changing color labels for multiple layers simultaneously, and the fact that they will be bringing back features like PDF presentation.

Check out the video bellow and see it all for yourself. I for one am just happy to see Adobe listening so intently to what their consumers have to say; after all, we are the ones using the products.