Android’s “DSLR Controller” and your Canon EOS DSLR 1

Smartphone cameras are advancing at an impressive rate, but they still fall short of most point-and-shoots and are miles away from even low-end DSLRs. That said, most DSLR owners don’t bring their smartphone along for its camera capabilities. But for those of you with a Canon EOS DSLR and an Android smartphone, a new app called DSLR Controller allows you to utilize your Android device in conjunction with your camera.

The application operates through a USB connection with the camera, giving the user control of the camera via the smart phone. Check out the features at the application website.

Below is a short video that shows how to connect the camera, as well as a few of the app’s features.

The application is still in Beta, and the developers have not released any news regarding plans for future features, or the inclusion of other camera models; however, if you use a Canon EOS DSLR and an Android smartphone, I recommend you check this app out and make the most of both your devices.