An Insider Look At What Checked-In Luggage Goes Through During Flights 0

We all know the drill when it comes to checking in our luggage: make sure everything is packed securely, wrap fragile stuff in bubble wrap or some other similar material, and make sure boxes are sealed tightly. And if you happen to be traveling with some of your camera gear, then you already know that it’s recommended to pack them inside hard-case “spinner” suitcases.

However, if you aren’t convinced enough to shell out some money to purchase hard cases to replace your current bags, then maybe this video can change your mind:

The video was shot by Delta Airlines as a promotion for their bag tracking app. Personnel drilled six holes into a hard case, installed six outward-facing cameras, and sent the bag off on its merry way on the conveyor belt and through the black rubber flaps.

There’s no sign of any mishandling in the entire video (obviously, it also wouldn’t be shown in the final clip, if ever there were any.) However, there are many instances where personnel could have mishandled your luggage.

[Laughing Squid via Peta Pixel]