All.Round SLR: The Photographer’s Dream Camera? 0

As a photographer, have you ever wished that your Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III were more portable, flexible and versatile? If you have, then Arti Patel is on to something with her All.Round SLR Camera concept.

Partel, who’s studying Industrial Design in New Zealand, created a tube-like camera concept that features a Universal Lens or Lens mount on the front, a flexible mesh that contains the wirings and circuits in the middle, and an OLED screen for its display monito at the back.

“The meshed body is expandable and collapsible and is controlled by body holders making this SLR a lightweight & portable camera to carry around for daily use. OLED screen at the back lets the users do unlimited framing, as it stretches out in multiple directions (i.e. for landscape pictures, it becomes wider while taking pictures helping photographers to shot in scenes) This SLR Camera solves the current gap in Camera design, and fulfills the very basic needs and answers to daily frustrations of photographers,” Partel explained.

Partel’s All.Round SLR camera seems to break our concept of what a standard DSLR should look like design-wise. But hey, I’m not an industrial designer, so don’t take my word for it.

If Partel’s concept ever actually does come into full production someday, I just hope we won’t mistak it for spare car parts. Yes, that one.

[Arti Patel via Yanko Design]