AirDog Officially Kickstarts The Autonomous Aerial Drone Wars 3

It looks like Hexo+ is not alone in the new autonomous action camera category as another Palo Alto-based company has announced their own version of a GoPro-based drone called AirDog. And the creators of AirDog, Helico Aerospace Industries, are calling their Kickstarter project as the “World’s First Auto-follow Action Sports Drone”.


While both aerial drones are controlled via smartphones, the AirDog unit has upped the ante by offering the AirLeash, a waterproof wearable device designed for controlling the quadcopter.


AirDog also comes with foldable body and propellers, and gyro-stabilized gimbal for mounting your GoPro camera.


The AirDog project has already surpassed its $200,000 funding goal with still 36 days to go (at the time of writing). This means that the unit is expected to be in production soon. If you’re interested, you can pledge at least $1,195 to get one.

[AirDog via Kickstarter via Petapixel]