Air Clicker Camera Concept Leaves Much To The Imagination 0

Regular is fine, small is better, compact is great, and minimal–well, minimal is the best. At least that’s what I think. In this day and age where a person normally carries around two or three essential gadgets (a smartphone, a digital camera, a music player, a tablet, a laptop, and everything but the kitchen sink), size truly does matter.

Air Clicker

That’s probably what designer Yeon Su Kim had in mind when he came up with the Air Clicker. Like the MMI Cam, it works hand in hand with your smartphone, so the photos you take with it are saved and are viewable on your mobile device.

Air Clicker

The Air Clicker consists of two modules: one for your thumb and one for your forefinger. The thumb module holds the camera and the on/off switch, while the forefinger band is equipped with a tension sensor that takes a photo when your finger is bent (as your digit normally would, when you’re taking a photo with a regular camera.)

Who knows? Maybe Kim can whittle the design down to just one finger module in the future.

[Yanko Design]