There are two primary ad areas, one as a top banner (holding a single large ad) and the other group of ads as 300px wide and as tall as you like, with a max of 1000 pixels of total advertising height in the sidebar.  The prices are crazy low (to start with) and you’ll be guaranteed your current rate for at least a year (traffic has been doubling each month).  You can subscribe to an ad spot using the buttons below.  This will set up a monthly Paypal subscription which can be canceled at any time (not that you’d want to do that).

TogTech Credentials

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  • 100,000+ Monthly Pageviews (Feb 2012)
  • 17,000 Unique Visitors per Month (Feb 2012)


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Top Banner

Visibility: Shown on all pages
Availability: 1/1
Size: 728×90 pixels
Cost: $375/month (~ $3.75 CPM)



Visibility: Shown on all pages
Availability: 800 / 1000 pixels of height.
Size: 300x _____ pixels. Sidebar ads are always 300px wide and as tall or short as you like (sold in 50px increments)
Cost: $0.80-$1.50/pixel of height/ month (~ $1.50 CPM for a 250×150 px ad)


Ad Height

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