Adobe Unveils Photoshop Touch For Mobile Phones 0

Good news to all mobile phone users who are using Photoshop Express, Adobe recently announced a more powerful app called Photoshop Touch, which was previously only available for tablets.


Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android phones carries the same features that you’ll find in the tablet version. It has Scribble Selection, layers, filters, paint strokes, and other key components. You can sync all projects from the app to your tablet or desktop via Adobe Creative Cloud.

Interestingly, Adobe is selling two separate products, one for tablets and another for smartphones. According to Photoshop Product Manager Stephen Nelson, “One advantage of having them as separate apps is we do have the flexibility for the two products to diverge slightly.”


If you need this running on your phone, you can get the Adobe Photoshop Touch on the App Store or Google Play for $4.99. Make sure you have an iPhone 4S or later models, 5th Gen iPod Touch, or any Android phone powered by the latest Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) OS.