Adobe to Bring Video Editing to Photoshop 0

Here’s a little bit of exciting news for DSLR videographers everywhere. The people over at Adobe announced that they have already begun work on integrating video editing into their already wildly popular Photoshop software – and they have the video to prove it.

The video below was edited entirely using Photoshop, though what version of Photoshop we have no idea as the video simply says “a future version.” All evidence points to the fact that this will not be a Photoshop CS6 feature; but who knows, maybe the people over at Adobe will drop a bombshell and give photographers even more of a reason to shell out the cash for the new version than features like content aware move and settings migration already have.

The video editing features will mirror many of the ones we now see for stills; and when Senior Photoshop Product Manager Bryan O’Neal Hughes was asked if he thought this would infringe on their Premier Pro market, the executive had this to say:

There’s no disputing that Premiere Pro is THE place for professional video editors and award-winning filmmakers (e.g. Hugo and Act of Valor) – absolutely.  Like a lot of powerful software there’s a pretty steep learning curve for a pro NLE (Non-Linear Editor)…and we see a lot of room between consumer offerings and Premiere Pro.

Video is now being generated by photographers…everyone really; the 5D Mk. II really kicked it off on the DSLR, but since then we’ve seen just about every DSLR, point and shoot and PHONE generate video…most of it HD!  We did several waves of research and regularly heard, “I want Photoshop for video”; “I need a workflow I understand” and for the people who had seen what we introduced in CS3 Extended – “make that easier to use.”  Video is being generated by more people than ever before; it’s being shared more places than ever…and yet people are hitting a wall with what they can do with it! They know and love Photoshop…their stills are already passing through it, the fit is more natural than it sounds at first.

Mr. Hughes continued, saying that what we see in the sample video wasn’t difficult to make; and that, without revealing too much, the video editing component of Photoshop will take techniques like cutting, cross-fading and transitioning and make them so easy that they could be done in seconds by an amateur.

I don’t do any video work myself, but I will say this: Once Adobe integrates this into Photoshop, even I’ll be upgrading.

[Adobe via John Nack via PetaPixel]