Adobe Re-Thinks Changes to Their Upgrade Policy 0

Software giants Adobe have been known to make both good and bad decisions. When they announced a subscription option for Creative Suite early on in 2011, everyone was thrilled. However, a change to their upgrade policy made in November of the same year – stating that only CS5 users would be offered a special upgrade price for the up and coming CS6 – left Creative Suite 3 and 4 users with the unhappy choice between buying a CS5 upgrade or paying full price for the upcoming version.

This change to their upgrade policy – which up to that point had covered three versions back instead of one – caused a bit of an upheaval. People were understandably upset, and for the last couple of months Adobe’s inbox has been flooded with complaints regarding the controversial move.

Today, in an obvious attempt to cool tempers and allow people time to adjust to the new policy, Adobe announced that special upgrade pricing would be available to CS3 and CS4 users until the end of 2012. We’re not yet sure what kind of discount this translates into, but we do know that the announcement will come as a relief to Photoshop users hoping to avoid unreasonable expenses once the new version comes out.

PetaPixel did also point out that by using the term “special offer” Adobe are making it clear that this is just a temporary fix; but even this should apease clients, giving them at least one version and one year time to acclimate to the new, admittedly less attractive upgrade options.

[Adobe via PetaPixel]