Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta Now Available 0

If you’re a Lightroom user looking for the latest and greatest software, you’re in luck. Adobe has just come forth today to let us know that the Lightroom 4.0 beta is now ready for public consumption. Best of all, that means you will be able to download the software completely free of charge and use it for as long as the beta runs.

As is always the case with beta software, there are sure to be some bugs in here so you may not want to use it as your daily driver just yet. If that sounds find, you can grab the download here.

New to Lightroom?

Adobe has long been one of the premiere software¬†developers¬†that photographers and other content creators turn to. At the head of the recognizable pack is Adobe Photoshop which is essentially a swiss army blade in the sense that, provided you know what you’re doing, you can manipulate a photograph (or even create one from scratch) to your hearts content.

However, Adobe also has other software on the market that surely appeals to photography enthusiasts with Lightroom being a perfect example. If you’re not familiar with Lightroom, it is a software package that is to aid photographers in edition, managing and ultimately viewing mass quantities of photos. Lightroom also allows users to automatically create a gallery for Internet viewing which is just a small example of the software’s feature set.