Adobe: Free Lightroom 4 Upgrade For Those Who Bought Lightroom 3 Recently 0

Adobe announced their latest version of Lightroom earlier this month, which didn’t really come as a surprise considering the beta version was already available since January. To prepare for the coming of Lightroom 4, various retailers had put version 3 of the photography software program on sale, including Amazon and B&H, for around $70 to $80.

Well, you’re in for a treat if you’re one of the people who took advantage of these last-minute deals.  You might be eligible to get a free upgrade to Lightroom 4.

Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 4 Upgrade

Adobe’s upgrade policy offers free complimentary upgrades to people who bought the older version shortly after the release of the newer one. Moreover, this policy also extends to people who also bought the older version shortly before the new one was released.

Certain conditions apply, though:

  • You must have a single-user retail, volume license, or educational version of an Adobe software product.
  • You must have registered your current serial number.
  • You must have your order number if you purchased from Adobe. If you purchased from a reseller, it’s necessary to provide proof of purchase.

You can head on over to Adobe’s Help Site for more information and to see whether you qualify for the complimentary upgrade or not.

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