Adobe Creative Suite Now Available by Subscription 0

Earlier this year, before announcing that their Mobile Flash application was biting the dust, Adobe announced that they would be adding a monthly/yearly subscription option for users of their Creative Suite products starting with CS 5.5.

Initial reaction to the announcement was mixed, as rumors flew that Adobe would now force its customers to pay monthly subscriptions to software they had previously been able to buy. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

The new system adds the ability to subscribe monthly or yearly to the software giant’s most popular products, while keeping the option to buy the package outright available. This is an all around positive move by Adobe, and looks to be a win win for company and customer alike.

In this model, occasional users benefit big time as they can cancel or renew their monthly subscriptions whenever necessary. New users will also benefit, and may be tempted to spend more than a 30 day free trial tinkering and learning to use the complicated software. Not to mention the ease with which subscription users might be able to upgrade to the much anticipated Photoshop CS6.

Whatever their reasons behind the shift, Adobe hit a home run on this one.

[MacLife via Adobe]