Adobe Camera RAW 7 Sneak Peak Video 0

After the first look videos of Photoshop CS6 were released – not to mention the leaked tutorial video – expectation for some new, powerful software went through the roof. Luckily, that anticipation is being met with a tiny bit of relief.

Earlier today,¬†Adobe released a sneak peak video of their new Camera RAW 7 to YouTubers everywhere, showing off the new, darker CS6 interface, along with (more importantly) a glimpse of some of the new features coming our way. In the video Photoshop Project Manager¬†Bryan O’Neil Hughes shows you just how much control the new software gives you by editing a highly compressed, lower resolution photo taken with his phone.

Some notable features of ACR7 include a new basic panel; new adjustment brush options for touching up things like temperature, noise and sharpness; and a chance to see the rewritten processing engine in action. Fortunately, as PetaPixel points out, although the new engine is not yet available to the public, you can still give it a whirl by getting in on the free public beta of Lightroom 4, which uses the same engine.