Ad for the Highly Anticipated Olympus OM-D Leaked 0

After 43rumors released a slew of rumors about the highly anticipated Olympus OM-D the camera world was abuzz with speculation. We heard about a new lens adapter and even got a mash up photo showing the entire top left of the camera that we have now stared at to our hearts content. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait until the rumored February 8th release date to know and see more of the OM-D now that a full ad of the Mirrorless Camera has been leaked to the public.

The high-resolution ad shows an almost complete photograph of the camera alongside a compelling sales pitch:

A new digital SLR era is about to begin. Digital SLRs, which simply replaced film with an imaging device did not change significantly in terms of size, weight and user interface. The revolutionary, new mirrorless camera, the OM-D, has an exceptionally light and compact body. Its Electronic View Finder enables photographers to check the Art Filter effect, color temperature, and exposure levels in real-time. When shooting, you can instantly “create” a truly unique world and preserve it in exceptional quality. The “world” will be transformed from something you see to something you “take part” in.

The OM-D is a groundbreaking, new digital interchangeable lens camera perfect for people who want to “take part,” “create,” and “share.”

Rumored to be carrying a 16 megapixel micro four-thirds sensor, faster auto-focus than any other mirrorless camera, continuous shooting at 9fps and ISO up to 25,600; the OM-D will be a force to be reckoned with. And although the wait is expected to last three more days, until then we can all stare longingly at the new photograph and applaud Olympus’ advertising department for somehow making us consider ditching our digital SLRs in favor of the OM-D.

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