Action Sports Camera Just Got Smaller With Ego Mini 0

If one of your New Year’s resolution this 2013 includes getting out in the wild to try out extreme or adventure sports, remember to grab a wearable action sports camera to record everything and show it off to your friends.

And to help you gear up, Liquid Image has recently introduced the Ego Mini, which is a follow-up to last year’s bigger Ego action sports camera.


The 12 megapixel Ego Mini features a small 1080p camera and Wi-Fi to connect with your smartphones and tablets in real-time. The device only measures 1.6 x 0.85 x 2 inches in size; and it can store up to 32 GB of memory via microSD card.


However, you have to use your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to view images because the Ego Mini doesn’t come with an LCD display. Also, you have to use a cord to charge the camera from an external battery.

The price of the Ego Mini is quite high at around $200 compared to the first Ego, which only cost around $150. But if you want to go light and really small in recording your next adventure, then you won’t mind the extra dollars.

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