Acer Monitor and Projector Converts 2D Images to 3D 0

The new Acer HR274H monitor allows users to convert 2D content to 3D without applying any additional effects or software. This is a great perk for customers wanting to display images and media as 3D but only have the 2D version. Besides automatically converting content, this 27-inch monitor also allows users to watch either regular 2D or 3D media on its 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 3D viewing option requires 3D glasses and the monitor is available from Acer for $599 across major American retail stores.

Another development in 3D home theater technology is the H9500BD projector from Acer, which allows users to project 3D movies and other media in full HD quality. It can also convert 2D media into 3D and requires Active Shutter 3D glasses (which need to be charged before use; one pair is included).  This projector is now available at American retailers (Amazon) for $1699.99.

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Photos Courtesy of ZDNet.

[ZDNet via Marketview]