A Splash of Rose: No Computer-Generated Effects, Just Amazing Photography 1

A lot of photographers nowadays use a combination of photography and photo editing software to achieve a certain effect with their shots. But can you believe that the image you see below was just a product of a fantastic photography and a well-planned setup?

A Splash of Rose

The shot kind of reminds me of Phantom Cocktails. I’m sure if we looked at still shots instead of alcoholic drinks just overflowing and swirling around the glasses, then you’d probably get an image much like Anthony Chang‘s A Splash of Rose.

So how did he manage to set things up for this shot? Anthony explains:

This photo is a composite… If you couldn’t guess. The green stem and leaves are made up of 6 photos and the flower itself is made up of 11 different photos, so its a 17 shot composite. Another note to mention is the fact that this photo was taken upside down and I just rotated it so the water looks like its flying upwards. Well this was a fun and messy shoot, also an expensive one hahaha what with the $80 glass rose, I was pretty worried that it would fall and break on me during the shoot but luckily it didn’t.

Liquid Rose Shot Setup

So there you have Anthony’s secret. But even knowing all that doesn’t make it any easier to pull off. Kudos to Anthony for such an amazing work of art!

[My Modern Metropolis via Peta Pixel]