A sneak peak at Adobe Photoshop CS6 0

So, Appleinsider managed to get their grubby little hands on some screen shots of the highly anticipated Adobe Photoshop CS6 that is widely expected to be announced next year.  Adobe has been demoing some of the newer features such as Image Debluring and Patchmatch.  Other features include the ability for 3D images, auto-save and a darker interface, which looks like quite similar to Apple’s Aperture software.

The darker theme is said to be one of the first things you’ll notice when booting Photoshop CS6 for the first time.  For those that don’t like the new look, you will be able to revert back to the light platinum look that the older versions of Photoshop came with.  Adobe Photoshop CS6 is code named “Superstition” and has been said to be focusing heavily on enhancing the software’s 3D capabilities that were made popular with the release of Photoshop CS4 in 2008.

There are new 3D options that appear in the Preferences pane, which allow you to auto hide layers, allow direct to screen and options for interactive rendering.  There are also new Rich Cursor options, such as Show on Hover and Show on Interaction.  Beta testers are also able to modify Axis Control, which allows you to invert camera axis and separate axis controls.  There is also a new interactive shadows quality option that allows them to choose from a number of options when generating shadows.

As with anything that is in beta mode, it’s important to note that this software is still in development and is subject to change, but these new features are getting everyone excited for Photoshop once again.